The media campaign to launch the inaugural Como by Design at Como House in Melbourne (19–21 October 2018) was managed by Sarah Newbold in the two months leading up to and during the event. Extensive media coverage was achieved across print media, radio, television, social media and on-line publications, which undoubtedly raised the profile of, and maximised ticket sales to, the Como by Design show house and seminars.

As Como by Design was a new concept it was necessary to make individual approaches to each of the media to inform them and engage their interest. Throughout this process, there was an overwhelmingly positive response to this event, as experienced anecdotally by Sarah, and is evidenced by the media coverage outlined below.




Exceptional television coverage was achieved with Channel 9 News’ Livinia Nixon conducting three live crosses from Como House on the 4pm news and three live crosses on the 6pm news on Wednesday October 17. Livinia conducted a one and a half minute cross during the 4pm news which included an interview with Tigger, during which the Como by Design website was shown on screen as well as overlay of the rooms. Livinia was briefed to include all the relevant information about Como by Design which she did perfectly.

Channel 9 Postcards did a comprehensive story and ran footage showing many of the rooms. Reporter, Steph Claire Smith, interviewed Tigger Hall and two of the participating designers, Adelaide Bragg of Bragg & Co. and Jessica Bettany of Resident Avenue. The Como by Design website was shown on screen at the end of the story.



Social media was used to the maximum with Channel 9’s Steph Claire Smith doing an Instagram post about Como by Design to her 1.3 million viewers on the first day of the event. Other significant Instagram posts arranged were Belle Magazine posting to its 157,000 followers and Channel 7’s Samantha Armytage posting to her 206,000 followers. All posts included @comobydesign so people could click on the link on this Instagram page and buy tickets.

Many significant on-line publications, particularly in the design field, were extremely supportive with BroadsheetDomain on-lineDomain Review and Australian Antiques and Art Dealers’ Association publishing stories. Homes to Love ran two stories on October 2 and October 24 and The Design Files also ran two stories on October 2 and October 19.  In addition, Kay and Burton ran a feature story by freelance journalist, Stephen Crafti, on its website as well as a Kay and Burton EDM. This was in addition to coverage by Belle magazine, which was arranged as part of its sponsorship deal of Como by Design.




Radio coverage was arranged and included a Radio 3AW interview with design participants, Alexandra Brownlow of Brownlow Interior Design; and a 20 minute ABC Radio 774 studio interview with Como by Design guest speaker, Robyn Holt, and international interior designer and Como by Design supporter and guest speaker, Nina Campbell.



CBD-2018-Media-Domain Review-Comp.jpg
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Print media coverage was arranged to include: a story and colour photo in The Herald Sun; a double page story, including an interview with event organiser, Tigger Hall, in the Domain Review; a Como by Design ticket giveaway and photo in The Sunday Age M Magazine; and a mention of Como by Design with a colour photo of Tigger in The Stonnington Leader.  In addition, it was arranged for suburban newspapers, The Star and The Mirror, to run stories featuring local resident and design participant, Milly Bray of Milly Bray + Co. Due to the long lead time of house and garden magazines and the requirement of images to accompany a story, which could only be captured while Como by Design was running, it is not confirmed at this stage which publications will cover the event.